Centrostal in Wrocław is a company with long tradition and well established position on the market of metallurgical products and construction materials. Fact that we have reached position of one of the largest distributors in our branch results from the high quality of our services. For the purposes of professional and complex customer service we established a new field of activity.

We offer service of sections, sheets, steel and other metal parts blast cleaning, which is necessary prior to the process of painting or galvanization. Wheelabrator production line allows fully automatic blast cleaning of steel with an abrasive shot of varied granulation. Surface of material intended for cleaning must be degreased and dry without any signs of wet paint.

We clean steel within 4 degrees of corrosion from A-D. According to Customer's needs we may obtain four classes of cleaned material from Sa1 - Sa3: from rough to optically clean metallic colour of steel (according to PN-ISO 8501).



Cleaning degrees




Sa 1

Rough blast cleaning. There must be no grease, oil, dust, weak rolling scale,
rust, paint or foreign pollutions on the surface watched without zoom.

  • max. width up to 1500 mm
  • max. length up to 15,000 mm
  • max. height up to 850 mm
  • max. weight up to 10 000 kg
  • min. thickness 6 mm
  • min. length up to 1000 mm

Sa 2

Thorough blast cleaning
Sa1 + any elementary pollutions stick strongly

Sa 2,5

More thorough blast cleaning. There must  be no grease, oil, dust, weak rolling
scale, rust, paint or foreign  pollutions such as point or stripe-shaped stains on the 
surface watched without zoom.

Sa 3

Blast cleaning until the steel is visually clean.
There must be no grease, oil, dust, weak rolling scale, rust, paint or foreign
pollutions on the surface watched without zoom. 
The surface shall have uniform metallic colour


We also offer very attractive prices and terms of execution. Our company performs cleaning of trusted material as well.

Please, contact us to specify possible questions and to define your needs and our capability to perform the service.